Southwest USA 2018 - More than just National Parks

Titel 2018

So, this year it's US-time again. Originally, we planned a trip to Bhutan, but as last year came to an end, it became more and more obvious that Freya's heath condition will not improve fast enough for such a trip. Indeed, she was much more interested in staying at home with some short trips to wellness hotels than anything else. On the other hand, that is anything but vacation for Jürgen. So, we agreed that she makes her trip with Gisela, a friend of her, and Jürgen can spend some time in America.

The idea was to visit some of the interesting places I collected info for. Most of them are not typical touristic highlights; some of them are really off the beaten track. In the end I spent a single day in a National Park.

map USA 2018


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